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   The UK has £100m of plant & tool thefts every year with only 5% recovered!

There are 4000 caravans stolen in the UK every year & only 8% are recovered!


Have you been a victim of theft? It seems that whilst 20 years ago the police would at least attend the scene of the crime, it seems now that we only get a Crime Reference number to claim against insurance.

Stephen our CEO having being the victim of such crime a number of times over the years got really fed up with facing replacement costs, loss of downtime due to the theft & then being clobbered by insurance increases as a result of theft.


‘A mans tools are his source of income’



This is where the ‘Smart-Lead’ journey began & we are proud to introduce our range of products which have been developed to ensure minimal annual subscription costs per year. Lets start the fight back & gain the benefit from the reduced insurance costs as a result of the ‘Smart-Lead’ Technology.

If your intent on buying new equipment make sure you ask for the ‘Smart-Lead’ technology ‘built in’.

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