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Construction Tool GPS Tracker

£100 Million

Plant and Tool Thefts in the UK each year!
Only 5% of these are recovered.


Caravans stolen in the UK each year!
Only 8% of these are recovered.

Protect Your Assets

Don’t chance it, protect it!
Sentry SL ‘Smart Lead’ GPS Tracker.

£100 Million

Plant and tool thefts in the UK each year.
Only 5% of these are recovered.


Caravans stolen in the UK each year.
Only 8% of these are recovered.

Protect You Assets

Don't chance it, protect it.
Sentry SL Smart-Lead GPS Tracker.

Tackling tool theft in the construction industry

Tool theft is the number one concern of tradespeople in the UK, impacting thousands of people every year. Research by Trade Direct Insurance shows that more than 200 people have their tools stolen every day. Only around five percent are recovered.


Our founder Steve Roberts formerly worked as a construction project manager, and he witnessed the devastating impact of tool theft on colleagues and employees many times. This inspired him to develop our Smart-Lead product, an advanced, integrated GPS tracker that can be retrofitted into equipment such as power tools and cement mixers.


A GPS tracker with added benefits

Smart-Lead does more than track stolen tools. Owners can also immobilise items remotely in the event of theft via our user-friendly portal. This makes the tools unworkable, reducing their value and making recovery more likely. A multipoint system means that even tech-savvy criminals will find it difficult to remove or disable this capability.


How does it work?

Once Smart-Lead is installed, you can track equipment via our bespoke online portal. This is also where the immobilisation option can be triggered. We keep things simple and flexible, so if you want a higher level of protection, such as our virtual security fence Sentry Guard, this can be activated when needed with no long-term commitment.

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